TenX Australia
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Adam "Addo" Owens


Alicia...looks grumpy, doesen't she!



Alison, way busy giving out centres to get her photo taken.


Ally (3 months pregnant!) being ably assisted by Ellen...Ellen's 14th birthday that day...bit shy of cameras


Long shot of Bethany...


Close up of Bethany.


Da Bravo Block Boss!  Bill Baxter, butts officer extrodinaire!


Bob waits for the next shot


A shot of Bravo Block from "Rolphie's Throne".


Best marker in Australia...Chris Roberts.


Decs and "Kiwi" Peter


Derek, the most well prepared marker in the known universe!


Long shot of Tony aka "The Dipper" who went on to become Alpha Block Boss


close up of the Dipper


The lovely Donna, does the work of two men!  Ably assisted by Claire


Young Greg...worlds foremost authority on Starwars!


A candid shot of the markers getting ready for the group shot.



The first group shot.


Second group shot...features Claire living up to her T Shirt...


John keeps an eye on his target.


The legendary Leila...rules the Alpha Block.  It is incredible the work she does at 72.


Lex.  Top notch marker and talented gunplumber.


Lyle king of the Mudgee Markers.


Margy, poseses the most wicked sense of humour.


Rod, salt of the earth.


Chief Butts Officer Rolphie, when it comes to running a butts he's king of all he surveys!  Here he's being the dog, and barking as well.


Ron trys to tune out while Alex rolls from one subject to another without so much as a moments breath.


Ross, the other half of the the Ron (with the moe on) and Ross (with it off) twins.


It's a bit hard to see but Bravo 9 cops a bullet just as this shot was taken.


Tyrone, the other half of the "Kiwi" father and son team.  Bit camera shy.