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    Here are some piccies from the bestest birthday ever!

    First of all let me say we had a bit of a hiccup with the camera.  It was brand new to us and some setting caused the pictures to not turn out as they should have.  These are the best of the bunch.  So if anyone has pictures of the night, please send them along.  I'd be particularly grateful for any shots of the tables.  In the meantime I'll try to clean up what I have with Photoshop...but I'm not very good at that, so it'll take some time.

    Brother Len looks after the MC'ing duties, and a fine job too!

    Here he picks out a story about lighting cigarettes off a spark plug of a motorbike when we were kids.  Thank goodness he picked that one, there were a lot of embarassing stories he could have picked!

    Then he passes the mike to anyone who wanted to say a few words...

    First of all Courtney, our eldest daughter.

    Then my sister Jennifer.

    ...and then my niece Belinda on behalf of the cousins.

    This shot is the only one I have of my "Houston" family on the night...I know its very dark but it's the only one I had, and I love them to bits so they have to be on this page!

    My good mate and supremo rifle shooter Dave Bullen says a few words.

    Cate, my very good friend from my Staff Check days (a former employer).

    Andrew, our youngest daughter's current flame.  A super nice guy.

    Me with one of my favorite cousins, Riley Emerson.  This kid is going to be something incredible, I don't know what yet but he's got a spark about him that is awesome!

    Riley gives me the best ever rendition of Happy Birthday!

    The cake, delicious is was!

    I managed to get then all out in one go.

    My life in pictures

    L to R Doug Valance (school friend), the birthday boy and my cousin Alan "Chook" Henley...the three amigos!

    We had a full house!  Bodies everywhere!

    Our good friend Tony McPherson and my brother Len wait for their breakfast the next day.


    I had the best time at my party.  A big big thankyou to my lovely wife, Bernice and the kids for organising the bash...it was truly legendary!

    If anyone wants a high definition copy of any of these pictures, drop be a line at bill@tenx.net.au and I'll send them along.