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    Here are some pictures from the very first foriegn Match Rifle Team to tour Great Britain:

    Us Aussies in our "No. 2" uniforms at Blair Athol range in Scotland:

    From left to right:  Adrian Abbott, Lew Horwood, Reg Rowlands (Coach), Stephen East, Bill MacFarlane, Philip Bain, Jim Clifford, James Freebairn (Captain), John Oddy, David Bullen, Greg Warrian (Coach), Bill Freebairn, (Coach), Graham Mincham, Gil Walker.

    ...and in action at the first range of 987 yards:

    But, after a hard fought battle, the Scots came out on top.  Captains, James Freebairn (Aus) and Colin Hayes (Scot) pictured:

    This one of the whole Scottish/Aussie crew.  The scots were just wonderful to us:

    So many great memories, so little bandwidth!!

    2001 GBMRT

    Here is a shot of the first UK team we competed against in the UK.  This is, I believe, the entire squad.  That is, the team that we eventually shot against was chosen from this lot:

    Rear row from left- George Barnard, David Dashwood, John Knight, Nick Brasier, Jim McAllister, Dick Rosling,Paul Monaghan, Nigel Cole-Hawkins

    Third row- Lou Lou Brister, John Pugsley, Richard Kenchington, Alex Henderson, Paul Charlton, David Friend,, Will Meldrum, John Bridger
    Second Row - John Carmichael, Nick Tremlett, Stuart Collins, Rhoddy Voremberg (Captain), Bill Sharman , Martin Townsend, Colin Hayes,
    Front row- Chris Law, Hugh Butcher, Alex Cargill-Thompson, David Calvert, Rob Lygoe

    But alas, even though we gave them a mighty shake up, the result didn't go our way: