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    Here are all the photos I took at the recent Australian Match Rifle Championships held at Corryong, Victoria between 31 October to 4 November 2006.  They are in the order that they were taken.  For the camera buffs among you all these pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490 4 meg pixel digital camera.  The camera doesn't have any lens options other than a 10x optical zoom.

    You are welcome to copy any and all of these photos but you should be aware that, because of storage restrictions, they have been reduced to 400x400.  If anyone wants the original (high definition) version of any photo(s) please drop me an email at bill@tenx.net.au quoting the number(s) of the photos you want and I will send them along.

    Depending on your settings, you can get the picture number by either hovering over the subject picture of right clicking the desired one and going to "properties".

    All care but no responsibility taken for clogging email accounts!

    I've added some captions but I have relied on memory for them, so I pre-apologise for any inaccuracies. 


    1200yds with (LtoR) Barry Southern, Nigel Paul and Sandy and Peter Hill

    1200yds with Tom Holinger and Jenni Hausler

    Shooters (forground to background):  Rob Halloran, John Kielly, ??, Bill Freebairn, Phil Bain, ??, Adrian Abbott

    Scorers: Wilf Wright, Graeme Mincham

    Tom Hollinger (centre)

    Greg Phelan...technology in the bush!  The work this guy did for the meeting was incredible!

    Greg again.

    John Kielly

    Jenni Hausler

    Peter Hill

    Nigel Paul and Sandy.  They've decided to tie the knot!

    Norm Linehan.  The day before his 70th birthday.

    Graeme Mincham just after his sparkling 75.6 ex 75 @ 1200yds (using his own projectiles)

    The rifle Graeme did it with.

    Wilf Wright and Ross Atherton

    Bill Freebairn

    Peter Hill and Sandy watch Adrian Abbott get down at 1200yds.

    Jim Clifford

    Rob Halloran

    Peter Hill

    The range from 1200 yards.

    Jim Freebairn presents Tom Holinger with medals, badges and prizes for F-class

    My rifle sporting a brand new BSA scope after my Weaver busted.  This scope lasted one range!

    The range at 1000 yards on full zoom.

    Looking back from the 1000yd firing point to the 1200yd equivalent.

    (Foreground to background) Roger Northcott, Mike Halloran, Rob Halloran and Barry Southern.

    Phil Bain check scoring at 1000yds.

    RO Kieth Lucas and Jenni Hausler

    John Collis and his wife look on at 1000yds.

    Our squad.

    The whole gang; 

    L to R, rear row John Oddy, Noel Osborn, Wilf Wright, John Collis, Adrian Abbott, Ken Maloney, Jim Freebairn, John Kielly, Frank Pinyon, Barry Southern, Mike Halloran, Phil Bain, Graeme Mincham.

    Front row;  Jeff Allen, Roger Northcott, Rob Halloran, Kieth Lucas (range officer), Peter Hill, Emile Daniel, Norm Linehan, Bill Freebairn, Jim Clifford, Jenni Hausler, Ross Atherton

    Kneeling; Greg Phelan, Willy Schaffner, Bill MacFarlane.

    The morning mist to the north of the range...could have been Scotland!


    Jenni Hausler with her new-ish Mercedes Vito.


    John waits to be presented with the silverwear with Frank ?? (Victorian Rifle Assoc rep) and Jim Freebairn.

    John Gets his hands on the cup (finally!).

    First time I've seen Kiels lost for words.

    The markers with the winner and administrators.  Sorry, I didn't get their names.

    The Freebairn Teams winners; Bill Freebairn (finally broke his duck!) Jim Clifford, Jim Freebairn presenting, Norm Linehan and Phil Bain.

    The Victorian MR team relax before the Rowlands Trophy.  Only faces visible are Shane Courtney and Alan Blain

    More of the Vic MR Team.

    And they're off and running for the Rowlands Trophy (foreground to background) Victoria, ACT, Queensland, NSW, SA and Tasmania.

    Another angle.


    Lew Horwood takes his shot for Victoria.


    Jim Clifford under coach Bill MacFarlane for the ACT team.

    Jim Clifford and Denise Freebairn scoring for the ACT team.

    The Queenslanders; Peter Hill twiddles the sights for John Kielly assisted by Jenni Hausler.

    Wilf Wright under coach Phil Bain for the NSW team.

    Graeme Mincham being coached by the Freebairn brothers at 1100yds for the South Australian team.

    Adrian Abbott discusses tactics with the NSW coach Wilf Wright.

    Phil Bain and Steve East

    Lew Horwood

    Queensland and NSW teams in action.

    Coach for Tasmania, Gil Walker, coaches the legendary Eric Thompson.

    Me, pretty pleased with coaching Dave Bullen to a 75 @ 1100yds.

    Dave Bullen after a special shoot.

    Kieth Lucas keeps a careful eye on the shoot.


    The ACT team...Dave forgot to bring his No.1's

    The NSW team.  Back row; Mike Halloran, Wilf Wright, John Oddy

    Front row; Phil Bain, Sue, Rob Halloran, Adrian Abbott

    South Australia.  Back row Frank Pinyon Snr, Graeme Mincham, Jim Freebairn, Bill Freebain

    Front; Will Schaffner

    Queensland (L to R) John Kielly, Emille Daniel, Jenni Hausler, Jeff Allen, Peter Hill, Ross Atherton

    The victorious Victorian team; Steven East, Allan Blain, Ken Maloney, Shane Courtney, Lew Horwood and Noel Osborn.

    Tasmania; Gerry Upchurch, Gil Walker, John Collis, Eric Thompson, Nigel Paul.

    Denise Freebairn (just out of picture) Kay Gomersall, Lew Horwood, Bill Freebairn, Frank Pinyon, Willy Schaffner

    The markers

    ??, ??, Rob Halloran, Phil Bain, Susan Weisser.

    Wilf Wright, Jim Clifford, Raeburn Trindall and Dave Bullen

    Back to camera, Ross Atherton, Jeff Allen

    From end of table; Peter Hill, Emille Daniel, John Kielly, Graeme Mincham and Adrian Abbott.

    Jeff Allen, Ross Atherton, Eric Thompson, Pat Hill, Peter Hill

    Noni, Steven East, Gil Walker (standing), Shane Courtney.

    John Oddy

    The goodies.


    Open match 1 winner Rob Halloran 75.11.


    Reserve match 1 winner Jeff Allen 74.7

    John Kielly, open class winner of the first 1100

    John Collis, a newcomer to Match Rifle, winner of the Reserve class first 1100

    Your intrepid photographer, winner of the first open class 1200 (before my scope gave up)

    Another newcomer to Match Rifle, Barry Southern, winner of the first reserve class 1200

    A footnote on Barry.  Two weeks later he won the ACT Rifle Championship's C grade Queens Prize in target rifle.

    Graham Mincham, winner of the open class second 1200 (75.6, the only possible scored at that range).